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Product: sulphat potacium phytomax

Brand: Phytomax

Category: Fertilizers

Subcategory: Macro Secondry Elements

 Name And Formulation

 Phytomax Potassium Sulphate  0-0-50+TE



 Soluble Potassium K2O 50%

 Soluble Sulfur 5/17%

 Maximum moisture 5/1%






 Fruit trees:

 For Fertigation: 10 -30 kg / 1000 liters of water

 For Spraying: 2-3 kg / hectare

 Agricultural crops:

 For Fertigation: 10 -15kg / 1000 liters of water

 For Spraying: 3-5 kg / hectare

 Greenhouse cultivation:

 For Fertigation: 10-15 kg / 1000 liters of water

 For Spraying: 1-3 kg / hectare



 Usage Management

 Since, different amounts of water is needed  for spraying in various   vegetative stages in regard to the type of product, the green area, the   severity of the deficiency and etc., so it is recommended that the amount   of used fertilizer be first tested on a small surface.

 -Avoid mixing potassium sulfate with calcium fertilizer.

 -Avoid mixing Potassium Sulfate with Humex in a container

 -For confidence, compatibility test should be done before use