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Top entrepreneurs of Qazvin province
Top entrepreneurs of Qazvin province
Top entrepreneurs of Qazvin province

This book, Top entrepreneurs of Qazvin province describes successful people who are number one in their major  and are top entrepreneurs in Qazvin province, depicts the personality traits of their entrepreneurial outlook and business environment, which is very instructive who are Dr. Jafari, Nader Tarighat, Alireza Ghahremani, Hassan Salehi, Davood Bashiri, Alireza Pazouki, Abdolsamad Rahmani, Ali Saeed, Engineer Behnam Shirmohammadi and Ms. Batool Goltarash has written and published by Dr. Amin Mahmoudi under the supervision of Mr. Zia Rashvand Minodar Publications in 2020.

البرز بهسم کارآفرین برتر در ایران استان قزوین

Here is a summary of the entrepreneurial life of Dr. Jafari.

Chairman of the Board and founder of Alborz Behsem Company

Summary of life

Dr. Ali Jafari was born in 1976 in Rudsar in a cultural family. From childhood and adolescence, he was very interested in selling and earning money.

alborzbehsam dr ali jafari

He has a bachelor's degree in agricultural engineering and a master's degree in business administration.

After his military service, Dr. Jafari worked as a sales manager in many companies, the most important of which was the Giah company, which is active in the field of chemical pesticides. After separating from the Giah company, Dr. Jafari set up the first private company to distribute pesticides and agricultural fertilizers, and finally in 2007, Alborz Behsem Production Company was established as a producer of pesticides in the Arasanj industrial town of Qazvin, Buin Zahra city. . He started a total of 20 factories and now owns a total of 9 factories


Selected words

  • The biggest killer of entrepreneurship is the paycheck.
  • Today the best graduated people work for a person like me due to they were not risk-appetite.
  • The greatest entrepreneurship teachers in the world are parents. The principle of entrepreneurship starts from inside the house.
  • The biggest stone of entrepreneurship is financial skills training.
  •  When we make a new product, I put it on my desk for a while, I fall in love with it, that's how I can sell the product.
  •  If the government managers be selected for entrepreneurs, even one day a week, there will be a huge change.
  • The office paper chase causes the death for any entrepreneur.

Author : Dr. Shirin Torabi Pour