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Product: cypermethrin 10% EC

Brand: _

Category: Pesticides

Subcategory: Household Insecticides

Cypermethrin 10%

Synthetic pyrothyroid insecticide with immediate effect and long lasting

Chemical composition: Cypermethrin10%-  emulsifier and  solvent 90%.

Indications: It is recommended to kill all kinds of beetles, mosquitoes, ants, scorpions, bees, snails, termites, bedbugs and aCentipede.

Method and amount of consumption

Consumption amount of spraying surface consumption

                                                                                                                             Direction of use



Case for using

100 m2

50 to 70 cc in 5 liters of water

70 to 100 cc in 5 liters of water



100 m2

50 cc in 5 liters of water


Flies, mosquitoes and all household insects


100 m2

25 cc in 10 liters of water


Inside the sewer












Bahtar is a high-potency insecticide that lasts for several weeks after spraying

And in residential areas, industrial establishments, livestock, poultry farms, landfills and landfills.


Dissolve 50-100 cc of the above poison well with 5 liters of water and then spray the insect hiding places and escape routes by sprayer (manual or mechanical) (50 ml of solution is enough to spray per square meter). )

In the case of winged insects such as flies, each substance should be sprayed on the contact surfaces.

 intensive care :

1 - When spraying, do not work in sprayed areas.

2 - Do not spray this poison directly on food and dishes.

3 - In case of contact with eyes and skin, wash the infected area with soap and water.

4 - When spraying, refrain from eating, drinking and smoking. And out of reach of children.