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Product: Poultry Manure  fish Magister

Brand: Magister

Category: Fertilizers

Subcategory: Organic Fertilzers

 Name And Formulation

Poultry Manure  fish Magister




 total nitrogen 5%

 Nitrate Nitrate 1.35%
Ammonia Nitrogen 0.82%
Organic Nitrogen 2.83%
Usable diphosphorus pentoxide 3%
Soluble potassium oxide 4%
Soluble sulfur   3%
Calcium 1%
Soluble Iron 0.10%
Organic carbon 20%
Organic matter 46%
Fulvic acid   2%
Humic acid 6%
Manganese 0/4-0/6%
Copper 0 /6- 0 /8%
Zinc 0.2%
Molybdenum 0.2%

Electrical Conductivity: 6.7





Fruit trees:

 For Fertigation: 800-1100 kg / hectare

 Agricultural crops:

 For Fertigation: 800-1000 kg / hectare

 Greenhouse- Vegetables cultivation:

 For Fertigation: 800-1000 kg / hectare



 Usage Management 

 Poultry manure is consumed in the fields in all seasons. The usage of this compond in the fall provides the breakdown and releasing nutrients of poultry manure in long period.

Using Poultry manure in the spring causes delays agricultural and planting operations and can increase soil compaction.

in Agricultural products recommended to use before planting because it prevents destroying seeds.  
Approximately 35% to 50% percent of the nitrogen in the organic portion of poultry manure is available to plants each year. After consuming poultry, approximately 20% of its total nitrogen can be used for crops in the second year and about 5% to 10% in the third year.

Proper using and distribution of this product at farm is important for crops to maximize the value of poultry manure and its nutrients.