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Product: Brada Kaolin Silica

Brand: brada

Category: Fertilizers

Subcategory: Dual-Purpose Fetilizer

 Brada Kaolin Silica


This non-toxic mineral is an environmentally friendly compound, which for its numerous benefits it will be used for all farms, gardens and vegetable crops, but it is more recommended for products  such as citrus, apple , pear, grape vine, walnut, pistachios, cucumber and potato.

The silicon inside this fertilizer is deposited in the cell wall of xylem and helps to protect the plants against drought and also it increases the stem strength, therefore save them against breaking up. SiO2 helps to absorb more light an affects the synthesis of protein and chlorophyll then the level of nutrition will be increased which affects quantitative and qualitative growth of the products.


Analysis guaranteed

Soluble Si: 8%
Soluble SiO2: 17%
Soluble K2O: 2%


Consumption Instruction

The powder should be thoroughly mixed and suspended at 25 to 50 grams per liter of water and sprayed by means of a spray gun equipped with a mixer, so that the plant’s body should be completely covered and when the water evaporated, plant will look completely white.


Brada Kaolin Silica acts as a mask to protect plants against harmful rays UVA-UVB, Infrared and other heat stress like sunburn. Plants that have been treated by Brada Kaolin Silica, will exhibit considerable resistance to environment stresses like wind, heat, salinity and dryness.

White coating of plants causes misleading insects to recognize their hosts, therefore the oviparity and reproduction will be decreased. The catalytic role of silicon helps to protect plants against disease and pests.
In addition to the positive effects of its fertilizer, it plays an important role in reducing the toxicity of the elements Mn4+, Fe2- and Al2+ caused by excessive consumption.
In the steps of spraying, avoid smoking and drinking and eating.
Be sure to use mask, gloves and suites with sleeves after the spraying. Rinse the hands and face with water and soap.