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Product: bispyribac- sodium SC 40% W/V


Category: Pesticides

Subcategory: Small Packs


bispyribac- sodium SC 40% W/V

Selective and systemic herbicide


Trade Name: Clean Weed

Mode of Action: Selective, systemic and post- emergence herbicide, absorbed by foliage and root and inhibits branched chain amino acid synthesis (ALS).

Application management:

- Do not use phosphorus pesticides one week before and after spraying.

- Water containing salts reduces the performance of this herbicide.

- Before spraying, all the weeds should be out of the water and the ground should not be flooded.

Directions and dosage:





broad-leaved, narrow-leaved weeds and Sedges

65 ml per hectare (from two to four leaves of rice in the early stages of growth)


Preharvest Interval PHI (the interval between the last spraying and the harvesting of the crop): not recorded.

Compatibility and mixing ability: It does not have the ability to mix with phosphorus pesticides