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Product: Phytomax Nitrate Calcium


Category: Fertilizers

Subcategory: Macro Secondry Fertilizers

Calcium and nitrogen are two important elements in the process of growth and production of plant products. Calcium strengthens the cell walls of plants and as a result reduces the drop of flowers and fruits and increases the shelf life of fruits in storage and cold storage. Nitrogen also has a significant effect on plant growth.

Advantages and characteristics of powdered calcium nitrate fertilizer:

- Facilitating the transfer of sugar in the plant and stimulating growth

- Improving the quality of flowering and reducing flower and fruit drop

-Prevention of physiological diseases of stem rot in tomato and watermelon, bitter spot and apple brown spot and fruit end rot

- Increasing the resistance of fruits against physical damage during harvesting

- Improving the size, coloring and quality of the fruit

-Increasing storage capability

-Strengthening the structure of the cell wall and increasing the strength of the fruit tissue and reducing the cracking of the fruits due to environmental stress

Guaranteed composition:


Total nitrogen (N)


Soluble calcium (Ca)


Calcium oxide (CaO)


Ingredients: calcium nitrate, boron EDTA

Instructions for use:

The method of using this fertilizer largely depends on the type of soil, the climate of the region, and the type and age of the plant. Therefore, the following recipe is general.


Foliar Spraying


Gaarden Crops

2-5 kg per thousand liters of water


5-10 kg per hectare

Agricultural Crops

2-4 kg per thousand liters of water


8-10 kg per hectare


2-3 kg per thousand liters of water

5-8 kg per hectare


Avoid mixing this fertilizer with fertilizers and poisons containing copper, sulfur, mineral oils, as well as fertilizers with alkaline pH. Miscibility testing is required before use and it is recommended to test at a limited level first in case of mixing with pesticides and agricultural fertilizers.