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Product: Phytomax Di Ammonium Phytomax (NP 18-52)


Category: Fertilizers

Subcategory: Macro Secondry Fertilizers

Phytomax diammonium phosphate fertilizer is a fertilizer enriched with nitrogen and phosphorus elements. The use of this product in the early stages of cultivation and the beginning of the growing season stimulates germination and increases root development in plants. Also, due to having the right pH, it causes better absorption of micronutrient elements by the plant.


Advantages and characteristics of diammonium phosphate:

• Increasing the resistance of plants against environmental factors such as cold and frost

• Accelerating fruit growth and ripening

• Accumulation of sugar in roots and fruits

• Permanent greenness, increased yield and early harvest

• Increasing the activity of soil microorganisms

• Helping the formation of seeds and flowers, the uniformity of blossoms and preventing the falling of flowers

• Improving the vegetative growth of the plant

Guaranteed composition (w/w):

minimum total nitrogen


minimum ammoniacal nitrogen


minimum absorbable soluble phosphorus


minimum phosphorus soluble in water


Maximum humidity


minimum amount of particles with a size of 2 to 4 mm



Ingredients: diammonium phosphate

Instructions for use:

The method of using this fertilizer largely depends on the type of soil, the climate of the region, and the type and age of the plant. Therefore, the following recipe is general.


Soil Consumption

Pit Manure

Agricultural Crops

100 to 150 kg per hectare


Garden Crops

100 to 150 kg per hectare

50 to 100 grams for each tree


Compatibility and mixing: This fertilizer is mostly used as pit manure in late winter and mid-March. Strictly avoid using this fertilizer as a foliar spray.