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Product: Phytomax Zinc Sulfate 33%


Category: Fertilizers

Subcategory: Macro Secondry Fertilizers

Phytomax zinc sulfate fertilizer contains two elements: sulfur and zinc. Zinc plays an effective role in the processes of photosynthesis, sugar formation, protein synthesis, soil fertility, increasing yield and resistance of plants to diseases. As a result of zinc deficiency, the physiological activities of the plant are weakened, which ultimately causes a decrease in the yield and the quality of the products.

Advantages and characteristics of zinc sulfate:

• Increasing yield and quality of agricultural products

• Eliminate symptoms of deficiency caused by sulfur and zinc

• Adjusting soil pH

• Increasing the resistance of plants against biological stresses such as drought, lack of water and bad weather conditions

Creating freshness and proper appearance in plants

Guaranteed decomposition (w/w):

zinc solution



non-soluble material in water







Ingredients: zinc sulfate

Instructions for use:

The method of using this fertilizer largely depends on the type of soil, the climate of the region, and the type and age of the plant. Therefore, the following recipe is general.


foliar spraying


Manure pit

Agricultural Plants

2-4 per thousand

8-12 kg per hectare


Garden Plant

1-3 per thousand

7-10 kg per hectare

200 to 400 grams according to the age of the tree


Compatibility and mixing ability: This fertilizer can be mixed with most chemical fertilizers, but for more certainty, a mixing test should be done on a s