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Product: Phytomax Iron Sulfate 24%


Category: Fertilizers

Subcategory: Macro Secondry Fertilizers

This fertilizer has an effective role in improving the performance and productivity of agricultural products. The iron present in this composition plays a role in the production of chlorophyll and as a result increasing the greenness of the plant as well as improving the vegetative and reproductive growth of plants. This element is also effective in activating several enzymes involved in plant respiration and photosynthesis.


Advantages and characteristics of iron sulfate:

• Increasing the greenness of the plant and improving the performance of photosynthesis

• Eliminate the symptoms of sulfur and iron deficiency

• Decrease of soil pH

• Increasing the resistance of plants against environmental stresses

• Improve vegetative growth

• Increasing yield and fertility of plants

Increasing the ability to absorb nutrients in the soil

Guaranteed breakdown (W/W):

maximum ferro iron



minimum ferric iron


free acidity




non-soluble material in water



Ingredients: iron sulfate

Instructions for use:

The method of using this fertilizer largely depends on the type of soil, the climate of the region, and the type and age of the plant. Therefore, the following recipe is general.

manure pit

soil consumption

foliar spraying



500 to 700 grams in late winter

In the case of seedlings, 100 to 150 grams


15 to 20 kg per hectare

3 to 5 per thousand

(Foliar spraying is not very common in the case of sulfates)

Garden Plants


15 to 20 kg per hectare

3 to 5 per thousand

(Foliar spraying is not very common in the case of sulfates)

Agricultural Plants








Compatibility and mixing ability: This fertilizer can be mixed with most chemical fertilizers, but for more certainty, a mixing test should be done on a small level first.