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Product: Humic Potas Fulvic 95%

Brand: phytomax

Category: Fertilizers

Subcategory: Soil & Water conditioners

Phytomax Humic Acid (Humic Potas Fulvic)


Due to the high percentage of humic in the Humic Potas Fulvic fertilizer, this fertilizer can play an effective role in rooting and better absorption of elements. It also makes plants resistant to environmental stresses. The potassium present in this composition is effective in improving the performance of photosynthesis and increasing the greenness of the plant. It also plays a role in the transfer of sugar and starch in the plant and as a result the production of quality products.

Advantages and features:

- Reduction of lodging in the plants

- Improving the performance of photosynthesis in plants

- Reducing soil pH and salinity

- Stimulating the activity of soil microorganisms and their population

- Increasing the power of rooting and seed germination

- Increasing the ability to absorb nutrients in the soil

- Increasing plant resistance to environmental stresses

Guaranteed Composition

humic acid


fulvic acid


potassium soluble in water(K2O)






organic matter


Ingredients: Leonhardite, potassium hydroxide

Instructions for use:

The method of using this fertilizer largely depends on the type of soil, the climate of the region, and the type and age of the plant. Therefore, the following recipe is general. It is suggested to check its effectiveness on a small level before use.


Foliar spraying


Fruit Trees

4-5 kg per hectare

1.5 to 3 kg per thousand liters of water

Vegetables and Summer Crops

3-5 kg per hectare

1-2 kg per hectare

Agricultural Crops

3-5 kg per hectare

1 to 2 kg per hectare

Mixability and compatibility: humic potassium fulvic can be mixed with other fertilizers, but to be sure if mixing is needed, the mixing test should be done first and then tested at a limited level.