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Product: Soil PH Requlator Phytomax


Category: Fertilizers

Subcategory: Soil & Water conditioners



Phytomax pH regulator plays an important role in regulating soil acidity, especially in most of the country's lands that have alkaline PH. Its consumption depends on the acidity of the soil, and the more alkaline the soil, the higher the consumption of this solution. This fertilizer is actually a protective composition for plants, which, with proper effectiveness, plays a significant role in increasing the quality of agricultural products.

Advantages and features:

- Regulator of soil acidity (reducing soil pH and improving absorption of micronutrients (such as iron, zinc, and phosphorus)

- Soil amendment and release of stabilized nutrients in the soil

- Prevent soil salinity and reduce it

- Has fungicidal properties (control of powdery mildew, etc.)

Guaranteed analysis







total nitrogen(N)



soluble sulfur(S)



Ingredients: sulfuric acid and nitric acid

Instructions for use:


amount of consumption in flood irrigation

amount of consumption in drip irrigation

All Plants

12 liters per hectare

6 liters per hectare

This recommended amount can be used four to five times during the growing season and repeated with an interval of two to four weeks.

Caution and warning

Do not use in high temperature and in plants that are under severe water stress. Avoid foliar spraying.

Compatibility and Mixing Ability:

Do not mix with compounds containing phosphorus, copper, sulfur and oils and do not mix with strongly acidic and strongly alkaline products.