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Product: Orthoforce

Brand: Orthoforce

Category: Fertilizers

Subcategory: Micro Chelate Fertilizers

 Name And Formulation

Orthoforce  Chelate Fertilizer



Fe                              6%

Ortho Ortho             4.8 %

PH                            7-9





 Fruit plants

For Fertigation: 25-100 gr for each plant

 For Spraying: 2/5-4/5 kg / 1000 liters of water

 Agricultural crops:

 For Fertigation: 3-5 kg / hectare

 For Spraying 1/5-2/5 Kg per hectare


 Usage Management

 Since, different amount of water is needed for spraying in various   vegetative stages in regard to the type of product, the green area, the   severity of the deficiency and etc., so it is recommended that the amount   of used fertilizer be first tested on a small surface.

Since in different vegetative stages, depending on the type of product, , severity of deficiency, etc., different amounts of water are required for foliar application, it is recommended to test the amount of fertilizer used first on a small area. Spraying should be done in the early morning or at sunset. Avoid spraying during the hot hours of the day and when the sunlight is at its maximum. This fertilizer can not be mixed with calcium compounds.

Contains 6% ED chelate in the form of EDDTA with ortho-ortho isomers of 8.4% and stability in a wide range of soil pH, is a good source of iron for all crops and orchards throughout the growing season.

Iron is involved in the production of chlorophyll and is therefore essential for photosynthesis. Therefore, iron deficiency reduces photosynthesis and yield. Symptoms of iron deficiency appear as yellowing between the veins in young leaves.

 These fertilizers are one of the best powdered iron fertilizers, soil with high solubility, suitable for use in drip pressure irrigation systems.