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Petroleum oil
Petroleum oil

Oils are used to control of pests more hundred years. Petroleum oils have wide range andthey are commonly used against scale insect, spider mite, whiteflies and some pathogens plant diseaeses such as powdery mildew, downy mildew and gray mold.

Petroleum oils referred to by many names, including horticultural oil, spray oil or white mineral oil.Many of combinations oils that used to control of pests produce fromdistillation of crude oil. Some of important properties Petroleum oils areincluding content of residual non sulfunation, flash point, content of cyclic and linear hydrocarbon. Oils must have high purity. Petroleum oil use as adjuvant for better effective other pesticide. Advantages of oils in pest control include safety, effectiveness and limited effects on beneficial insects.

Mode of action of petroleum oil isdependent direct contact. So kind of Spraying solution and uniform distribution have special importance. Effective mechanism of petroleum oil in pests control is including blocking the insects respiratory pores, blocking insects mouthparts and preventation transmission of some plant viruses and adhesion reducing of fungi spores to plant surface.

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