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Product: Sivex 13-49-06+ TE

Brand: Sivex

Category: Fertilizers

Subcategory: Eslah Konande Khak

Name And FormulationSivex 13-49-06+ TE 
AnalysisTotal nitrogen 13%
Usable phosphorus pentoxide P2O5 49%
Potassium oxide K2O 6%
Boron 0/01%
Iron Chelate EDTA 0.1%
Manganese Chelate EDTA 0/032%
Copper Chelate EDTA 0/012%
Soluble Zinc 0.09% 
 For Fertigation: 7-10 kg / hectare
For Spraying: 1.5-3 kg / 1000 liters of water
Agricultural crops:
For Fertigation: 5-7 kg / hectare
For Spraying: 3-4 kg / 1000 liters of water
Greenhouse cultivation:
For Fertigation: 4-6 kg / hectare
For Spraying: 1-2 kg / 1000 liters of water 
Usage Management 
Since, different amount of water is needed for spraying in various vegetative stages in regard to the type of product, the green area, the severity of the deficiency and etc., so it is recommended that the amount of used fertilizer be first tested on a small surface.